I love surfing.

I got attracted to it when I was bit too old and a bit too fat. So I won’t reach a The Barbarian Days level. But I love it and share this love with my daughters.

Surfing is a humbling experience with sea conditions changing so much every day. You learn to respect the sea, but not to fear it. It’s about time waiting for the big one, it’s such an stochastic activity. But then, sometimes, adrenaline rushes…

Here are the places where I’ve surfed (in no special order)

  1. Marnela
  2. Pantín
  3. Baleo
  4. Villarrube
  5. Frouxeira
  6. Doniños
  7. Campelo
  8. Surf City (NC)
  9. Nags Head (NC)
  10. Asilah (Morocco)
  11. Los Arenales

You may convince me better to give a seminar if there is a spot near you…